About the Orphans


There are now 12 people that have been supported through the project that have been sent to university and/or college to achieve diplomas or degrees. Two are maths teachers, one of which is now employed by Kanjanji to teach the pupils IT at the computer centre at the base. He is also assisting pupils with extra classes in maths and English.

These children that have completed their education are now in a position to support their siblings and in some cases extended families.  Although these are beautiful success stories, there is still a great need for physical and educational support for the numerous orphans in Zambia.  
The success of the children below was only made possible through generous donations and fundraising efforts of people around the world. These children still have some commitments and work at the Kanjanji base, either full time or on a temporary basis during holidays and/or weekends. 



Cholwe Munsaka

Refers to himself as “our firstborn”. Choolwe has been one of our very first orphans.
He completed a Nehemia Diploma for African leaders (3year course) in 2011 as well as OM discipleship. He did his diploma in Computing, and started his senior teachers diploma in 2013 at Nkana Teachers College in Kitwe, with Mathematics and Religious Education as majors. He completed his diploma in 2016, and started teaching at our nearby schools – Mutemwa and Lusu. Junior also started to convert his diploma to a degree in 2017. 

Mordecai Muleya

Was supported by a UK ladies bible study group until he finished grade 12.
He completed the OM discipleship training in Kabwe. After he did his building training at the Zamilimu base, he returned to Choma to start a business. He is very successful today, and has started a family.

Enerst Munsaka

Started as an orphan–worker when we first came to Kanjanji.
Completed auto-mechanics in 2012
He was one of the first orphans to qualify and sustain himself and a family.

Nimrod Munkombwe

He is a vulnerable. One of the 7 sons of our local pastor.
He could not complete school due to lack of funds.
Completed auto-mechanics with Enerst in 2012.
Today he is working as an auto electrician in Lusaka to help sustaining his big family. 

Kelvin Munsaka


Kelvin is also one of our sons, and qualified 2017 at the Nkana Teacher’s College in Kitwe with Mathematics and Civics as majors. Kelvin is currently (2018) teaching at the local schools as well as training grade 12’s for GCE. Kelvin is also running the Project while we need to travel somewhere.  Kelvin also enrolled for the distance learning program to convert his diploma to a degree, with Mathematics as a major. He is also one of the youngest Zambians to do a conversion at the Dalice university in Livingstone

He completed OM discipleship in 2013, and started preaching in the PAOG Kapasa.He is dreaming of becoming a solicitor to help vulnerable people and orphans in the rural setting, but we could not afford it –so he had to choose between teaching and nursing.


Enock Dobola

Enock was also one of our first orphans. He completed his studies at Rusangu University BSc Environmental health to become a health inspector and graduated in 2017.
Because Enock’s course was very expensive, he had to sign a document in order to support 2 orphans on our programme once he is qualified. He is currently still on probation at one of the copper mines, but hopefully will soon be able to start helping/supporting the Project.

William Dobola

Enock’s brother (not from the same mother)
Completed OM discipleship and a diploma in computing
Completed diploma in computing
Currently studying at Nkana teachers college with geology as main subject - after 6 unsuccesful applications to study agriculture

Maxon Kazubu

Maxon is an orphan who used to live on the streets of Choma making a living from selling vegetables. He was only 12 when we found him selling veggies on the streets of Choma. Today he is a successful businessman in Choma and still looking after his elderly grandmother.

Chipego Munkombwe

Pego is the pastor’s youngest child and the most clever!
The pastor could not support him and we started teaching him maths in the afternoons. Pego is now exelling and first in a class of 120!
He already gave his heart to Jesus and adores his father.
He wants to become a doctor or dentist like his foster-father!

Gift Pwele (grade 12)

Gift walked 40km 10 years ago to come and ask for help. He has no family and struggled to pass grade 12. We supported him with only a bag of mealie meal (since his marks were too bad to get him into a boarding school). He completed eventually and started a small business. He has a wife and child now, and lives in Choma.

Gift Muleya

Grade 11 Siamukole
Very clever, Comes from the backstreets of Choma.
Lives with his uncle who is an alcoholic and missed school for 3 years.

Zulu Damas

Zulu also came from the Shabalala area , where we used to live back in the early days. Zulu was the head boy of Choma Secondary School in grade 12. Zulu also did the OM discipleship in Kabwe, and he is studying to become a junior school teacher, at the Nkana Teachers College in Kitwe. Zulu will complete his diploma this year.

Austern Munamulambo

Grade 12 _ dorm captain
Very devoted Christian and looking forward to come and join us on the project.

Doreen Muchanga

Our first daughter. She lost both parents to HIV/Aids and has 5 siblings to look after.
She also lost her eye at the age of 3 when her uncle beat her senseless.
She completed OM discipleship and pre-school teaching and is working for a missions organization north of Lusaka. She is a beautiful Christian.

Lido Samba

Our second daugter to qualify through the project.
Completed nursing in 2012 and is working in Kitwe hospital.
She sustains her whole family in the village.

Coster Muchanga

Coster completed his senior teacher’s diploma in Paglory Teachers College in Kabwe. He also completed the OM discipleship.
He has been in prison for 3 years after the family killed his father, a sangoma, because they believed he caused the death of Coster’s whole family.
He was imprisoned after they all ran away and he was too small to realize what was going on. 
We found him living under a shelter with nothing to eat, and started supporting him. 
He gives God all the glory and loves to preach the Word. He is a full time teacher in Pemba near Choma.

Foster Mukonka

Foster completed grade 12, but is still trying to pass mathematics. He got married after discipleship and returned to Choma to support his young wife and child. He is a double orphan that had nowhere to go and ran from family-member to family-member in order to stay alive… until we found him and started to support him. He used to work in our garden for food.
He stayed with his drunken uncle in the compound with no electricity or water and had to share his bed with 5 kids. Forster had a difficult childhood and is still depending on us for parenteral advice.  

Hatchwell Ndikiti 

He was a goat-herder and one of many orphans from the local headman's village. (the headman has 13 wifes and some of them already died)
He is very clever and has a great future ahead. He loves footbal and is his school’s striker.
He finished school and became a taxi driver.

Ginder Chomba

An orphan girl from the village / completed grade 12, but failed mathematics.
Munalula then did a secretary course and got married. Today she is married and drives around in a huge 4x4. 

Munalula Simata

A orphan girl from the village / completed grade 12, but failed mathematics.
She has to re-do mathematics next year because every single child in Zambia who wants to continue with educatuion MUST pass English and Mathematics.

Jether Muleya

Grade 11
Orphan from the village with nowhere to stay.

Kennedy Muleya

Grade 11
Has a blind father and no other family members.

Aston Munsaka

Kelvin‘s younger brother.
He is in grade 8 and struggles quite a lot. Kelvin encourages him a lot, but because of distance and roll models, the boy needs a lot of support.

Benjamin Kapapilo

OM missionary working with us and also became one of our children now.