Immediate Needs

List of immediate needs 


All donations are greatly appreciated and as most of the items below are available in Zambia and neighbouring countries, it is still more cost effective to donate online. Should you prefer your donation to be applied for a specific need, this can be specified when filling out a Direct Debit Form.  

To make a donation, please go to the Donate Page

How much does it cost to support a scholars/student?

  £ Per Month Includes*
Pre-school 6 1
Primary school 5 1
Gr 8-9 14 1
Gr 10-12 55 1,2
College/University +-150 3

1.    Uniform, jersey, shoes, school fees, stationery
2.    Backpacks, boarding fees, groceries, mattress and sheets, towel, transport
3.    Fees, Backpack, accommodation, groceries, transport, stationery, clothes