Getting Involved


Kanjanji Orphan Project and the missionaries do not receive any funding from the Zambian government or from the mission organiation, Organisation Mobilisation (OM), but depends solely on donations from individuals and organisations.
There are many needs in the community, being one of the poorest and most isolated areas in the world. The Ferreiras have initiated a number of projects in good faith. Here are some examples of the current cost (please keep in mind the cost of living in Zambia is high due to remoteness and inflated cost of imported goods):

•    With £20 one can provide education, a uniform and maize meal for ONE small child per term.
•    With £30 one can buy a pair of school shoes for 1 child. 
•    With £40 one can supply 1 child with a jersey and a calculator. 
•    With £100 one can support a family with 4 orphans for one term, 
     or buy a bicycle for a child to travel long distances to school 
     or it could support a missionary-couple working in the rural areas, with food for one month. 


Please have a look at our Immediate Needs page.