The vision of Kanjanji Orphan Project is:


To help the needy orphans in the area by giving them an education, food and clothing in order to have a better chance in life; and 
To help the needy widows in the area by giving them food, clothing
To support the community by developing skills that they may use to be self sustaining.
To spread the Gospel to people by showing them the love of Jesus. 


The mission of Kanjanji Orphan Project is to bring transformation in the lives of people through:


  • Children’s and Youth Ministry
  • Schools for orphans and feeding /clothing programs
  • Clinic and medical ministry
  • Rural discipleship
  • Skills training
  • Agricultural training
  • Reading centers


To get people involved from all over the world to support this project not only financially, but also with their skills and most importantly – prayer!

We would like to get as many people, groups, churches and other organisations involved as possible to make this project a huge success.

You can help to Make a Difference